Small pouch like bag with a long, thin should strap. Bag is cream colored with a pattern of large flower shaped blocks of red and blue, faded stylistically. One diagonal row features illustrations of Peko Chan's smiling face, and the next row features text that reads "Milky" within the flowers. Row pattern alternates between designs.
Peko Chan patterned crossbody shoulder bag, shown filled with various items in its outer pocket and a wallet peeking out of its main pouch.
Interior view of a small, cream colored tote like shoulder bag with a main pouch area and a smaller pocket inside.

Peko Chan - Shoulder Crossbody Bag (Pattern)

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Tote bag measures 7" wide x 9.25" high with a 21.5" handle.

This small but spacious shoulder bag featuring artwork of the sweet Peko Chan, with a fun vintage style feel, has a lightweight feel with bonus storage: Outer pouch and additional inner pocket to sort your belongings! 

100% cotton.

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