Closed hardcover book with "24 Minutes to Bedtime!" written in cream colored all caps font in the top center, above an illustration of a small character with a makeshift device on his head, with a busy household cross section in the background.
Open 2 page book spread of a little box, looking at a makeshift gadget helmet under his bead, which his dad leaves the bedroom.
Open 2 page book spread of a child, transporting into another dimension, made clear by many warped circles of the same image. On the next page, is his dad doing laundry.
Open 2 page book spread of a cross section of a house, showing an attic, 2 bedrooms, a laundry room, a living room and a large messy kitchen.

24 Minutes to Bedtime! by Daniel Kwan illustrated by Felicia Chiao

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Hardcover, 64 pages, 8.75 x 12 inches.

Written by Everything Everywhere All at Once director Daniel Kwan, 24 Minutes to Bedtime! brings the multiverse to the bedtime story, illustrated by the wonderfully talented Felicia Chiao, one of Giant Robot's absolute favorites.

Illustrated by Felicia Chiao, the story follows Winston, who invents a time machine that allows him to time jump around his house, narrowly avoiding his increasingly agitated parents and their efforts to brush his teeth, change his PJs, and just tuck him into bed already. Everything goes smoothly until Winston encounters alternate versions of himself in alternate timelines, forcing him to confront his choices head on.

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