A small, compact bulb in the shape of a flat topped triangle with a cork for a top. It stands next to its packaging that reads "multicolor bottle light" with a photo of the light turning clear bottle into colorful lamps.
3 differently shaped glass bottles with narrow top openings, plugged with the bottle string lights, which illuminate blue, pink and yellow.

Multicolor Bottle String Lights

Regular price $ 21.00

Rechargeable bottle light. Bottle not included.

  • Cork shaped light that fits into almost any bottle
  • Twist to change between 7 different colours
  • Recharges via USB in 1 hour
  • Runs for 3 hours when fully charged

Go from dinner party to disco in seconds with our next generation Bottle Light. It may look familiar, but the Multicolour Bottle Light is full of surprises. With 7 different colours to switch between, you can now create more impressive table features and party decorations than ever before! Shaped like a cork with a super bright LED that charges via USB, the Multicolour Bottle Light fits in almost any bottle and can be used both in and outdoors. Create improvised table features using empty beer and wine bottles, or try using patterned vintage bottles for a more dazzling effect.

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