Tall cylindric can with a blue wrapping, with a graphic illustration of a sunflower and "Sunflowers" written in yellow stylized font over black.
Tall cylindric can with graphic illustrations of a ladybug and a small field of sunflowers with "Sunflowers" written in stylized yellow font over black. Also written is "Brilliant blooms! Fast and easy to grow, plant a whole patch".
Instructions printed on kraft paper pamphlets on how to grow sunflowers.

Sunflower - Flower Seed Grow Kit

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Sunflower grow kit, enough seeds for a spread out field.

Sunflowers are delightful and versatile plants. They grow quickly and give a brilliant splash of color in a remarkably short time. Few things evoke the beauty and brightness of summertime better than these sunny giants. Here's everything you need to plant a whole patch!

Includes fun and detailed instructions for planting — and roasting!

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