Archie's Press - Circle Beef Print

Archie's Press - Circle Beef Print

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Measures 8 x 8 inches.

From Our friend Archie

Every time I approach the butcher counter, I have a brief moment of panic: I don't know the difference between a T-Bone, a Porterhouse, a Sirloin or a Flank. I think I can guess, but I almost always close my eyes and choose whatever's on sale. What questions should I ask? What am I really looking for? This map breaks down the 20 most popular cuts of beef into very simple categories, clarifying each so that you choose the best one for your needs.

I worked with my all-time favorite food writer Kemp Minifie on this map to isolate the most important cuts, their definitive qualities and special tips. Kemp was the food editor of Gourmet Magazine for years, and she really knew how to clarify the seemingly complex world behind the butcher case. This map will make you a well-rounded expert on choosing and preparing great beef dishes.

Letterpress Snob Wheel printed in black ink on textured white paper with deep impression.