A smooth, gray ceramic modern looking elephant with a pot on its head, encased in a white cardboard box that reads "elephant + plant Eleplant" on it with product description.
Product display, showing a shallow, white ceramic dish, a gray modern designed elephant with an empty pot on its head, a wrapped disc of peat, seeds and instructions.
Two smooth, modern designed elephants with sprouting plants growing from their heads, with their trunks in a shallow white dish.

Eleplant - Self-Watering Planter (Apple Mint)

Regular price $ 26.00

Handmade ceramic elephant pot, with apple mint seeds. 

Measures approximately 4.5 x 4 inches.

This ceramic planter is a perfect addition to any home, so sleek and with a special function. This cultivation kit comes with a ceramic elephant, seeds and a matching ceramic tray. Just fill the tray with water and watch the greens grow!  When the plant is thirsty, the animal drinks through the straw! This gray elephant grows apple mint.

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