"Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!" book cover, title written in bold pink font. Cover is gray and divided into 3 parts, displaying a different woman drawn by each of the 3 artists.
Illustration by Rockin' Jelly Bean of a woman vaccuuming up her own dress, which is short and yellow. A pointed devil tail is revealed under her dress.
Illustration by Sorayama of a nude woman bound lightly with a thin, white rope. Beside her is a mummy and hanging skeleton.
Illustration by Terada of a topless woman with mechanized gear, tightly embracing a large green lizard from behind.

Katsuya Terada, Rockin' Jelly Bean, Hajime Sorayama - PussyCat! Kill! Kill! Kill! Book (SIGNED! by Hajima Sorayama)

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Softcover, measures 10.2 x 14.2 inches, 72 pages.

*SIGNED by Hajime Sorayama*

This title consists of fantastic collaboration of the three internationally-renowned artists in the field of erotic illustrations Hajime Sorayama, Rockin Jelly Bean and Katsuya Terada and is showcasing high quality and tasteful art works at each turn of the page. These Great Masters begin each section with a personal introduction of their fellow artist, so the readers can enjoy their comments, and at the same time, understand their mutual influence on each other.

There is no doubt that this large-sized title will be a treasured book for erotic art lovers and fans of these artists. Also it is a good reference book for those wishing to learn the ways of erotic illustration.

Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill! Kill! Book

Note: This book contains adult content and thematics.

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