Lucky Peach Magazine Issue 15

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Softcover, 172 pages

The Plant Kingdom issue of Lucky Peach celebrates the great many things you can do with fruits and vegetables, from cooking and eating them, to growing and grafting new ones, to churning them into ice cream, to growing cabbages the size of Volkswagens. We talk to Deborah Madison, who redefined vegetarian cooking in America through her food and her writing. We take an unflinching look at the reality of producing white sugar, find out the truth about “Ethiopian” teff, meet a few mezcaleros, and get a lesson in the art of fruit massage. Daniel Humm turns daikon into fish, and Sam Mason turns baked beans into dessert. Meanwhile, Barbara Lynch, Joshua McFadden, and Marc Vetri showcase the many simpler splendors of cooking with vegetables.

  • A short story by Deborah Willis
  • So much citrus
  • Lisa Hanawalt puts down roots
  • Forgotten orchards
  • Pennsylvania saffron
  • Mapo tofu recipes from Han Chiang, Angela Dimayuga, and David Chang

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