Vinyl figure of a sleepy looking girl with a spotted deer hood hat and a red coat with big white buttons, sitting on a golden bell with mistletoe. It stands in front of its blue display box that reads "Winder Wonderland" accompanied by script in another language.
13 different designs of Gumon Winter Wonderland blind box, all based on a design of a sleepy girl wearing a special designed hood and buttoned coat, sitting atop an object. For breakdown of all options, read product description.

Gumon Winter Wonderland Blind Box

Regular price $ 15.00

Single blind box figure.

These amazing figures by Gumon x MADology capture the whimsy, wonder and coziness of winter! This series contains 9 regular deigns, 1 special, 1 alternate color, 1 secret and 1 super secret. Options include: Sunny Snowman, Deer Bell, Pink Bunny, Icy Blossom, Rainbow Sled, Winter Cottage, Chocolate Pine, Frozen Crown, Special-Love Deer Bell, Special Scoop Snowman, Secret - Winter Queen, Sleepy Bunny and Super Secret - Frozen Queen.

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.

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