Vinyl figure of a green creature with a simple detail face and large round ears, with two green bushes as arms, a brown dress and with a red mushroom within. It stands in front of its product box, yellow with "Kan Kan" written in English and Chinese. It included an illustration of a creature using a hoe on a land with a cow nearby.
Illustration of all 13 different designs for Kan Kan blind box. For specific list, refer to product descriptions.

Kan Kan Blind Box

Regular price $ 16.00

Single blind box figure. Measures approximately 2 to 3.5 inches.

These super sweet Kan Kan figures show what it's like to work the land. Each one is a fun, unique design. This series contains 12 regular designs and 1 secret design. Options include: Watch the Wheatfield, Get Up at Sunrise, At One's Leisure, Go Climbing Together, Spring Onions and Basil, Furtively, Enjoy the Cool (Air) Under the Tree, Cows Eat Grass, Rewarding Experience, Carbon Furnace with Pot, Make a Fortune and hidden!

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.

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