Vinyl figure of a kewpie baby dressed in a full mint green lions suit, with the mane of the lion being a sunflower. The kewpie holds out a sunflower in one hand and has a pink bow on its chest.
8 different variations of Sonny Angel Flower Gift, various kewpie babies in full body animal suits with their hoods resembling lion or bear heads. The mane of the animal is a bright colorful flower. Each baby holds its own flower.

Sonny Angel Blind Box (Flower Gift Series)

Regular price $ 11.00

Measures about 3 inches tall. 

Sonny Angel may bring his happiness to you - his round little body and precious angel face can't help but bring a smile to yours! He is the modern take on the retro cutie - ready to charm and so collectible. Collect them all. Let Sonny Angel brighten your day! The best flowery present.

This is a blind box, chosen at random.

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