Yukinori Dehara - Oyasai Wars: Killer Tomato & Mini Tomato

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Killer Tomato Figure 7", Mini Tomato 3.5", Limited to 500 pieces

Killer Tomato (Angry) is the radical leader of the Tomato Army. Believes obliteration of Cabbage necessary for the happiness of the Tomato race. God knows how many Cabbage he's killed. Cabbage executed by him are demolished, they can't even be used for salad. Lost of teeth make him vulnerable to cavities.

Mini Tomato (Stako) is a popular young idol in the vegetable world. Seems cute and carefree but is actually quite the opposite. She is always calculating how to socially boost herself. Hit songs: Blue Tomato, 'Cause I Couldn't be Tomato Sauce...

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