Semi abstract, block style painting of GR2 Gallery's exterior, with its notable blue awning and signage. Many people stand and sit around the entrance.

Sitting Outside 2: Event Photos

View photos from the opening!
A group of people sit at a long table with white paper covering most of it. They all draw on a sheet of paper.

GR2: Draw and Cry I (Photos)

GR2's 1st draw and cry event (from 3/8/23)
Art show promo poster for Sitting Outside II at GR2 Gallery featuring a list of artists and information and a picture of a plein air painting of a light post and night emitting a bright blue light.

Sitting Outside 2 - Group Exhibition

Live 3/18 @ noon pt
Painting of a black, brown and white colored dog with a basket of large mushroom on its back, pulling a wooden cart. In the cart are flowers.

Doggo Show 2023: A Canine Themed Art Exhibition

Live 3/4 at 11 am PT
Cover of Barry McGee's book "Reproduction" featuring an old man in all brown clothing and socks with sandals, pointing behind him to his left. The top of the book is spray painted silver.

Barry McGee - Reproduction:
Hand Customized

live 2/17 @ 2 pm pt

Artbound Giant Robot: Asian Popular Culture and Beyond Full Documentary