Outside packaging cover for Adrian Tomine's New York Postcards set, featuring an illustration of a woman on the subway locking eyes with a man on another subway, reading the same book as one another.
Illustrated postcard of the Brooklyn Bridge, at night. In the foreground is a group of many people, all sitting on the grass and viewing a movie outdoors on a projector screen.
Illustrated postcard of a nude woman with visible tan lines, laying on her bed stomach down. Outside her window is a scene of lit up buildings at night.
Illustrated postcard of a street scene, with a UPS worker handing off a package to a woman coming out of the building. She looks at someone unlocking the bookshop next door.
Illustrated postcard of a 6 panel comic, a satire about the logo for the New Yorker.

Adrian Tomine - New York Postcards Set

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30 postcards, measures 4.9 x 6.8 inches.

Iconic postcards from the world's most beloved New Yorker illustrator!

Adrian Tomine's illustrations have graced the pages and covers of publications such as the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine for more than a decade, offering a singular vision of an incomparable town. This set of postcards collects thirty of his most beloved images.