A small, light green Bearbrick figure bear with a black "B" on its chest, standing next to a Bearbrick Series 44 box.
A collection of 14 differently designed Bearbrick figures. Please refer to product description for details of each design.

Bearbrick - Series 44 Blind Box

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Measures about 1.5", random assortment, 1 figure per box

Brand new series of the classic Bearbrick mini figures. Fourteen different possibilities.

Designs of Bearbrick include: Basic (light green with a black "B" on its chest), Jellybean (coffee bean pattern), Pattern (black, orange, and red tie-dye like pattern) Flag (white bear with flag of South Korea on its chest), Horror (Squid Games "Red Light Green Light" doll), SF (black and orange lightning storm with "Stranger Things" written on chest), Cute (mint green bodysuit with only eyes and nose showing), Animal (white with a Jean-Michel Basquiat drawn dinosaur character with gold crown), Hero (silver hero suit with red accents and light yellow eyes), Artist: 007 (black with "007" logo on chest), Artist: Czarface (Silver mech suit with red and blue accents), Artist: Kenny Scharf (multicolor squiggle characters all-over-pattern), Artist: Junkhead (white with silver ears and black arm and knee accessories), Artist (human face with black hair wearing red and blue gi)