4 different designed keychains of clear to go drink cups with either green, yellow, purple or blue liquid with boba. Each have whipped cream at the top shaped like a smiling kawaii cat and a straw that matches the liquid color.
Keychain attached to a clear to go cup container with blue liquid, boba at the bottom and whipped cream on top that is shaped like a kawaii cat, with a blue straw coming through the top.

Boba Tea Cat Floaty Drink Keychain (Assorted)

Regular price $ 4.25

Measures 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

These adorable keyrings are fun, cool and interactive! The liquid moves around as you move the keyring, and the boba pearls within floats around with it. Comes in 4 different designs.

Listing is for one keychain, randomly selected.   If a specific variant is requested, put it in the order notes and we will see if we have it!