Yellow bubble shaped figure, semi transparent with yellow and white beads inside. It has a yellow cheeked white cat hat on its head and holds a daruma. It is in front of its packaging box, cream and pink with "Bubble Eggs" written. The side features an illustration of all design options.
Promo graphic displaying 14 different design variations of Bubble Egg figures. Includes: Canned, Cloud, Yolk, Tiger, Sunny, Lucky, Cookie, Gold Coin, Adventure, Crayon, Milk, Fortune and 2 hidden ones.

Bubble Eggs Blind Box (Series 2)

Regular price $ 16.00

Single blind box figure.

These adorable figures by HeyDolls x Gray Rabbit are as creative as they are cute! Each one is semi transparent, with a free moving collection of little objects within. This series contains 12 regular designs and 2 secret designs. Options include: Tiger, Explorer, Honeybee, Cat, Ghost, Sweets, Greedy, Daruma, Milkmaid, House with balloons, Purse or Lucky Japanese Cat/Daruma.

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.