Short cylindric can with a blue wrapping that includes illustration of poppies and reads "California Poppies" with their scientific name below.
Short cylindric can with blue wrapping that reads "Sunshine from the Golden State! Everything you need to plant a whole patch!"
Instruction pamphlets on the California Poppy and how to grow them.
Patch of bloomed bright orange poppies.

California Poppy - Flower Seed Grow Kit

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Each kit includes instructions and roughly 30,000 seeds — enough to plant a whole field.

One of the best sites to see each year are the fields covered with bright orange California poppies that stretch on for miles and miles! This kit from The Jonsteen Company gives you everything you need to harness your own bit of springtime magic!

Written by the Jonsteen Company: "There's enough seed here to plant an entire meadow full of poppies — ­ almost 30,000 seeds in all! Scattered in an informal, wildflower planting, this seed will cover about 1,400 square feet, or an area roughly 38' x 38'. Approximately 70% of these seeds will germinate."