Book cover with a photograph of a night scene urban city, with blurred lights from driving cars. Buildings are stacked high and very lived in. Various thin rectangles cover the photo, as a pattern.
Open two page book spread. Black and white photographs of an urban city on fire and then extinguished. Information text accompanies photos.
Open two page book spread. Photograph of a incredibly busy urban setting, with many Chinese signs and stacked apartment buildings. Informational text accompanies photo.
Open two page book spread. Two photographs of young children playing in an urban setting. Informational text accompanies photos.

City of Darkness Revisited

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Measures 11 x 11 inches, Hardcover, Color and Black & White images, 356 pages.

After several failed attempts, Kowloon Walled City was finally demolished 20 years ago, leaving behind a legacy of fascination that continues to grow, fuelled in part by the extraordinary community’s many urban legends. Designed and edited by Greg Girard and Ian Lambot, the team behind ‘City of Darkness: Life in Kowloon Walled City’, this new publication questions those myths and explores the reality behind the Walled City’s extraordinary architecture and development. Through photographs, drawings and documents, many previously unpublished, plus an extended article by Hong Kong-based writer and journalist Fionnuala McHugh, the full story is revealed.