Archie's Press - Circle Sushi Print

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Measures 8 x 8 inches.

From Our friend Archie

I think good sushi is the most perfect food. The only problem is that there is never the "right amount" of sushi. It's either too much or too little. You know what I mean? Like if I go to a Sushi restaurant and I feel nervous that I'm spending too much money, I won't eat enough and I'll need a slice of pizza later. But if I go crazy, I get so full of sushi that I'm bogged down by a rice overdose. 

The best sushi Ive ever had has been in Japan (unsurprisingly), literally anywhere. 7-11, a subway station, the fish market, a fancy omokase, it's all amazing. 

The chart here explains the English and Japanese name of each fish, what's so special about them, its sustainability, and some other surprising/interesting facts that will affect how you think about Sushi.

A collaboration with Alli Miller.

Letterpress Snob Wheel printed in black ink on textured white paper with deep impression.