All yellow book cover with a black and white illustrated owl, pattern detail similar to etchings, with a top hat and perched on a crow bar. "Russian Criminal Tattoo" is written in bold black font.
Page example, photograph of a man with clasped hands looking down, his body showing various tattooes.
Page example, black and white photograph of a man looking off, various tattoos are displayed on his upper body.

Danzig Baldaev - Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia - Volume 3

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Hardcover, 400 pages, measures 5 x 1 x 8.2 inches.

This volume of drawings and photographs completes the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia trilogy. Danzig Baldaev's unparallelled ethnographic achievement, documenting more than 3,000 tattoo drawings, was made during a lifetime working as a prison guard. His recording of this esoteric world was reported to the KGB, who unexpectedly supported him, realizing the importance of being able to establish facts about convicts by reading the images on their bodies. The motifs depicted represent the uncensored lives of the criminal classes, ranging from violence and pornography to politics and alcohol. A medieval knight is surrounded by the severed heads of his enemies, a naked woman simultaneously services a man and two dwarfs, a crying President Gorbachev grips a human bone between sabre-like fangs, a group of angels drink vodka with God on a cloud--the meanings of these arresting images are explained to the uninitiated eye. Sergei Vasiliev's graphic photographs show the grim reality of the Russian prison system and some of the alarming characters that inhabit it, while the illustrated criminals of Russia tell the tale of their closed society. This volume, the last in the trilogy, includes an introduction by historian Alexander Sidorov exploring the origins of the Russian criminal tattoo and their various meanings today.