3D assembled cube diorama of a modern and stylish bookstore, with bookcases and racks filled with different colored covered books and magazines. There is a small reading bench that has cute pillows and signage around the store. 2 sides have wall backings and 2 sides are open.
Detail shot of a diorama of a bookstore, with a sign that reads "Fascinating Book Store" above a series of shelves that hold books and various stationery items.
Product packaging for Super Store Fascinating Bookstore, with a graphic on the front of the final diorama and information on the back.

DIY Super Store Miniature Kit - Fascinating Book Store

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Assembled size is 6.4″ x 6.4″ x 6″. 108 pieces.

Fascinating Book Store is a DIY plastic miniature house from Rolife Super Creator - Super Store Series. This stylish bookstore sells a variety of art books, fun magazines, music records, as well as trendy toys and decorations that are not available in other bookstores. They are quietly displayed on the shelves, waiting for you to discover and explore! Build this fascinating book store with your own hands and enjoy the excitement it brings to you!

Easy Assembly (no coloring/glue needed):

The components are mostly finished. Many of the bookstore's small furniture use the bayonet structure - a plug & snap to complete the assembly, simple and easy to operate, the entire assembly process is very healing. The assembly itself does not require glue, but you can attach the glue to the bottom/back of the assembly to prevent displacement and provide stability.

High quality & Playable Details:

Each single part(furniture) can be played. For example, all drawers can be opened and stored inside; ink bottle cap can be removed; the bottom of the stamp is slightly convex and can be printed with a small tree, etc.

Comes with instructions!