Vinyl figure of a young cartoon woman, pink with long pink hair, a tight black dress, black leather knee high boots and black devil wings. It sits, with its hands at its side, next to the Dorothy: Devil Princess blind box packaging.
9 differently designed vinyl figures of girls, dressed and angelic devils sitting on a platform with their hands at their side. Designs include: Lucifer, Peach Princess, Bat Princess, Lucky, Space Time, Infinite and 3 hidden designs.
Infinite and Space Time variations, sitting next to each other in a lush forest setting. Infinite wears a tight brown and red dress, with thigh high blue boots, blue devil wings and curved gold horns. Space time wears a tight long sleeve pink and blue dress with thigh high blue boots and brass colored devil wings and curled horns.

Dorothy: Devil Princess Blind Box

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Each figure measures approximately 4 inches tall. 

These beautiful Devil Princess figures from Dorothy capture such wonder and whimsy of within these angelic devils. Each one is so unique and stunning. See which one you can snag, or try and collect them all. These cute lil figures are sure to liven up your shelves or desk.

Collect all 6 different figures in the series, plus 2 hidden ones!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.