Dumpling Toasty Plush
Dumpling Toasty Plush

Dumpling Toasty Plush

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Measures 9 x 5 inches.

Smoko's adorable Lil B Dumpling design is back in Toasty Plush form! The perfect cuddly buddy, keeping you warm on those cold days. Add a bit of kawaii to your bed or couch or your workspace! When you're feeling stressed, just give Pearl a squeeze.

Heating Instructions: 

  1. Remove pouch from the plush.
  2. Place a cup with about half inch of water in it, next to the pouch OR wrap a damp paper towel around the pouch. (This will prevent the pouch from drying out)
  3. Heat the pouch for 60 seconds.
  4. Let the pouch sit in microwave for 30 seconds before placing the pouch into the plush. (Careful, it will be hot!)
  5. Allow the toasty pouch to fully cool before reheating it again.
  6. Enjoy toasty warmth!
    500 - 750 W 1 min
    800 - 1000W 1 min