2 vinyl figures of Gudetama, a metallic gold egg yolk character with a comical expression. One figure climbs up into half of an avocado. The other figure sits with a piece of bacon wrapped around it, like a shawl.
Vinyl figure of a metallic gold Gudetama, sitting on the floor next to half of a ripe avocado.
Back view of Gudetama figure, metallic gold and climbing up into a half of an avocado. Its butt cheeks are pronounced.
Vinyl figure of metallic gold Gudetama, sitting on the floor with its knees pulled into its stomach. Next to it is a silver metallic base and a piece of bacon, curled into itself.
Packaging for Breakfast Gudetama 2 pack of vinyl figures, rectangular box with an orange top and plastic display window to see figures inside.

Gudetama - Breakfast Vinyl Figure Set (2 Pack - Bacon Wrapped + Avocado)

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Each figure measures 3 inches tall. 

This 2 pack of adorable vinyl figures features metallic gold Gudetama, all done up for breakfast! Both of these figures detach from their bases.

Comes with the 2 pictured Gudetama figures.