James Jean - Chrysanthemum Ukiyo-e (Woodcut Print)
James Jean - Chrysanthemum Ukiyo-e (Woodcut Print)
James Jean - Chrysanthemum Ukiyo-e (Woodcut Print)

James Jean - Chrysanthemum Ukiyo-e (Woodcut Print)

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Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean debuts a stunning Ukiyo-e (woodcut print) with stunning details and immaculate colorings. 

“'Chrysanthemum’ began as a drawing on the iPad. As a purely digital work, the lines mimic the textures and energetic lines of a sketch, but it only exists as a file on the tablet, a ghost in the machine. However, the spirit of the image has been meticulously carved into blocks of wood and imbued into the fibers of handcrafted paper. Continuing in the series of muses that are consecrated in the woodcut medium, the Chrysanthemum muse is caught in a tornado of fire—the external trappings burn away, revealing the essence within. The petals pulsate like beating hearts, marking a tempo for this fiery process of destruction and rebirth.” (Quote from James Jean)

The light and brilliant colors of traditional woodcut prints is produced by using a Baren rubbing pad to rub water-based paints into the fibers of the paper, which is carefully handcrafted from paper mulberry. The printer feels the world view of Jean and his artwork "Chrysanthemum" as he mixes and prints the colors on top of one another.

Each print is slightly unique, as the woodblock printing process is all done by hand. The work measures 10.62 inches tall and 14.17 inches wide.

Limited edition of 120 prints.

  • Image size: 10.62 inches tall × 14.17 inches long
  • Produced by  The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints
  • Signed by James Jean and numbered

Please allow for additional shipping time due to the careful packaging these prints require.