Jed Henry - 'Rage Quit' Giclée Print

Jed Henry - 'Rage Quit' Giclée Print

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Measures 12 x 17 inches. 

Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper. Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.

 Jed Henry mashes popular culture with the beautiful traditional Japanese Woodblock print style.  These prints satisfy the geek and art lover in all of us.

From Ukiyoe Heroes: "We've all been there. After an evening spent trying to beat that one last boss, we realize it's 8:00 am, and we have work/class/adult life starting in just one hour! Where did the time go? Why didn't we just go to sleep like normal people?

*Sigh* - With enough coffee, maybe we can make it through the day!

This design is an anthem to every soul who has sacrificed her/his guts on the alter of gaming! Show your gamer guts with pride!

The left inscription is a famous death poem by the Japanese Zen master Hakuin Ekaku (1685 - 1768) . The translation reads:

Oh young folk —
if you fear death,
die now!
Having died once
you won't die again.

The right inscription reads as kireochi, which means 'rage quit', but also literally means 'to cut and fall'. (The Japanese language loves the word 'cut' - you find it in all kinds of idioms. It's a real blade-happy language.)."

For framing, we recommend a 16x20 inch (or 40x50 cm) frame, which is a standard factory size at any major craft or home decor store.