Jed Henry - 'Warrior Maidens' Giclée Print

Jed Henry - 'Warrior Maidens' Giclée Print

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Measures 12 x 17 inches.  

Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper. Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.

 Jed Henry mashes popular culture with the beautiful traditional Japanese Woodblock print style.  These prints satisfy the geek and art lover in all of us.

From Ukiyoe Heroes: "The top left cartouche reads 月星之武, prounounced 'gessei no tsuwamono', which means 'Warriors of the Moon and Stars'.

The bottom right cartouche is inscribed with 

此若者天賦のるハ唯世を護重荷に被潰為耶 正当ならんや 如何ならんや,

and can be read as, 'kono wakamono tenpu no chikara o sazukaru wa tada yo o mamoru omoni ni tsubusareru tame ka, seitō naran ya, ika naran ya'.  A rough translation can be interpreted to mean:

To endow power on these young women,
Only that they may be crushed 
Under the heavy burden of protecting our world,
Is it fair? Is it just?"

For framing, we recommend a 16x20 inch (or 40x50 cm) frame, which is a standard factory size at any major craft or home decor store.