Book cover, primarily mauve and gold with black of a woman in a tied robe covering her face with many wisps flying around her. Below is a wide open pair of eyes.
Page excerpt, chapter title page featuring an illustration of a woman with long hair, looking off to the side and dressed nicely. Behind her is a man with his eyes closed, his lower half hidden by her hair.
Page excerpt, featuring a 5 panel series of illustration of an open mountain scene with long wisps flying around, some getting caught on a woman's hand.

Junji Ito - Sensor

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Hardcover, 240 pages, 8.25 x 5.75 inches.

A woman walks alone at the foot of Mount Sengoku. A man appears, saying he’s been waiting for her, and invites her to a nearby village. Surprisingly, the village is covered in hairlike volcanic glass fibers, and all of it shines a bright gold. At night, when the villagers perform their custom of gazing up at the starry sky, countless unidentified flying objects come raining down on them—the opening act for the terror about to occur!