Book cover featuring a mostly greyscale illustration of a woman with red eyes and a form fitting dress, holding a ball in her hand that contains a baby. Around her are mirrored images of similar women holding webbing with babies in them.
Open book, 2 page excerpt of a large illustration of a deranged looking boy with 2 candles strapped to his head, holding a hammer and nails in his mouth. He holds on a toy against a tree trunk.

Junji Ito - Twisted Visions: The Art of Junji Ito

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150 black and white and colored pages, 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Hardcover Art Book.

Enter the world of Junji Ito’s art––an abyss of horror and sublime beauty.

A first-ever collection of Junji Ito’s artworks, featuring over 130 images from his bestselling manga titles along with rare works.