"Real Size" book cover, all white with black line close up illustration of a woman looking downward. Title and author's name is written in English and Japanese vertically on the left.
Unsleeved book cover, gray with a wildly elaborate series of drawings of mech women and mech animals, with their parts detached.
Open two page book spread of fine line illustrations of abstract dragons.
Open two page book spread of two very detailed illustrations of mystical settings.

Real Size by Katsuya Terada Book

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Book Dimensions – 7 x 12 inches and 1 inch thick - Hardcover ( codex binding ), 202 pages - Full Color, in Japanese ( book contains mostly images )

This beautiful book feels like an extra special object. “Codex Binding” allows for the book to be spread fully open to fully enjoy the spreads. 3 pages fold out to reveal stunning, larger images.

The book is wrapped in a glossy cover but take that off and discover beautifully intricate and detailed marker drawings reproduced onto the thick chip board cover. 

Towards the back of the book, find a beautifully written excerpt by Terada musing over his need to draw and his frustrations with this addiction. Without spoiling too much, the translation is poetic and profound.