White ceramic square tile with a deep blue line art illustration of a girl with a serious look, wearing a large mechanical helmet with many protruding parts. Coming out of a mechanical element on her back is a floating head of a bearded old man.
Close up of white ceramic tile with dark blue line art illustration, displaying a floating head of an old bearded man with a music note on his upper left temple.
Back of ceramic tile, brown with drawn kanji-inspired symbols.

Katsuya Terada - Tile F

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Stone glazed tile (Mino ware). Measures approximately 3.9 x 3.9 x .39 inches.

Authentic tiles made in Tajimi City, home of Mino ware, which is also a major production area of ​​tiles.
A flexible item that can be used as a coaster, decorated, or used as you like.

Due to these items all being made by hand, there will be individual differences. There may be glaze pools, unevenness, pinholes, etc., though all have been approved by Terada's inspection team.