Kobuke Kentaro - Start

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Hardcover, Measures 6.5 x 9.75", 120pp

Kentaro studied art and design at the Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo, and graduated in 1998. Kentaro Kobuke is a London based artist with his eyes wide open. Kentaro received early recognition with the publication of his book 'Start' in 2002 and in the same year was involved in his first exhibition, 'Visions Tokyoites' at St Pere, Paris. Since then he has achieved worldwide exposure with many of his drawings being published in Japanese magazines and books. After his sucessful exhibition in Paris, in 2003 Kentaro produced a collaboration with Comme Des Garcons and Junya Watanabe for 'Man Pink' which featured his signature style of drawings. Kentaro's work exudes a child-like, fantasmic aura through use of mainly coloured pencils. Kentaro has certainly impressed many with his work and I'm sure you will all enjoy what this fine artist has to offer, a unique and contemporary style of bright vivid colours and shapes