Lord of Mess: My Head Is a Visual Township

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Softcover, 9.5" x 11", 201pp, Includes CD-Rom

Jaybo has strongly influenced the development of European street art. He got to know the streets of Berlin at the age of 14 when he moved there from France. Since the early 90̴̥s he has been one of the creative engines of the street and graphic design scene in Berlin.

Lord of Mess presents the broad spectrum of his new-school style artwork ̴̐ from very clean-cut graphic design to glaring Hip Hop illustrations and installations. This monograph features Jaybo̴̥s font designs, logos, record covers and examples of his work as the Art Director of the lifestyle magazine Style and the Family Tunes. The characters, toys and clothes he has designed as the co-founder and chief designer of the street wear label Irie Daily are additionally showcased.

The book also includes a CD with six of Jaybo̴̥s striking fonts that can̴̥t be found anywhere else.