Plastic figure of a orange tabby cat, sitting on a mat and raising its leg as if doing yoga. Next to it is a small dumbbell and a humidifier like object, shaped as a cat head. It stands in front of its product packaging.
9 different options for Miao Ling Dang: A Good Relaxing Time blind box. Options all include a cat doing something relaxing, such as: eating, watching a laptop, resting in a box, yoga, watching TV, sitting on a recliner, playing video games, resting under a parasol, and sitting on a throne.

Miao Ling Dang - A Good Relaxing Time Cat Blind Box

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Each figure measures approximately 3.5 - 4 inches tall. 

These Miao Ling Dang figures are extra special, as each one is akin to a mini diorama of sorts, with a whole scene being depicted. Each design is so unique and just as fun. See which one you can snag, or try and collect them all. These cute figures are sure to liven up your shelves or desk.

Collect all 8 different figures in the series, plus 1 hidden one!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.