Vinyl figure of a chubby calico cat, with a closed eye expression of contentment and a black collar with silver accent. It stands in front of a display box, blue with Japanese script and illustration of a smiling cat hanging over a tin can.
Side of display box, showing 9 chubby cat blind box options: white with black, calico, white with black and pink cheeks, orange tabby, Siamese, white with pink, white with gray, white with black eyebrows, and all white.

Miao Ling Dang - Swing Bell (Mini) Cat Blind Box

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Each figure measures approximately 2.5-3 inches tall. 

These mini Miao Ling Dang figures are adorable, coming in a variety of colorways. Each one is so unique and just as fun. See which one you can snag, or try and collect them all. These cute lil figures are sure to liven up your shelves or desk.

Collect all 9 different figures in the series, plus 1 hidden one!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.