Book cover, "Oinshinbo" written in white font on orange rectangle above series of black and white panel drawings of a Japanese restaurant serving ramen. "Ramen & Gyoza" is written in middle left.
Page example, black and white comic panel of students at a dinner party event.

Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine - Ramen & Gyoza

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Paperback, 8.25" x 6", 272pp, Black & White

Noodles are an integral part of world cuisine, from East (pad thai) to West (lasagna), refined (lobster fettuccine) to humble (mac n' cheese). But few noodle dishes evoke as much passion, ignite as much debate, or inspire such loyal devotees as ramen does in Japan. At first it seems like a simple thing: a bowl of noodles in broth with toppings. But as Yamaoka discovers in this volume, sometimes the simplest things are the best—and the hardest to perfect. Starting from scratch, with the flour to make the noodles and the meat to make the broth, he embarks a mission to find The Soul of Ramen.”