Vinyl figure of a cute brown sheep with a loaf of bread around its head, like a hood hat. The hat somewhat resembles a corgi, with a small cute face, two perked up ears and small paws. There is a companion figure, a very small loaf of bread, sitting next to the larger bear figure.
9 differently designed cute animal figures, akin to sheep. Each has a food themed item on its head, like a hood hat and a small companion figure to go along with the theme. Options include: mochi bun, fruit juice, dumpling, takoyaki, carrot, waffles, ice cream, bread or a food carton/container.

One Bite at the Aowoo Blind Box

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Each figure measures approximately 3 inches tall. 

From A Toffee Planet are these adorable and yummy looking blind boxed series of food themed animals. See which one you can snag, or try and collect them all. These cute lil figures are sure to liven up your shelves or desk.

Collect all 8 different figures in the series, plus 1 hidden one!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.