Ong-Bak II DVD (2008)

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DVD-9, Thai with English and Spanish Subtitles, DVD-9, NTSC

From the back cover: "Tien (Tony Jaa) is trained in all manner of weird and wonderful martial art techniques, as well as how to run across the backs of stampeding elephants. He makes them sit and roll over and other cool stuff. He is even taught how to kill which according to Chernang, Tien has proved his physical and mental prowess. He is the final step to becoming a great leader. Chernang hands over leadership of the clan and Tien embarks on his mission to track down Lord Rajsena and beat the crap out of him, and lots of other people too."

A solid martial arts movie that knows what I want to see. You convinced me with "beat the crap out of him and lots of other people too."