Poster set box, a stylistically granulated close up of an arm holding onto a large mechanized unit with lots of cables and smoke. "Reprints of Classic Posters 20 Posters - Ototo Katsuhiro" is written in bold, all caps font.
Poster with the top 1/4th white with very large bold black font that says "Akira." Below, is a deep red scene two young boys wading through knee high red water and broken machinery around them.
White poster with a little girl in a skirt facing away and looking up at a large floating cube. The cube has a series of apartments wrapped around it, with two figures falling from it.
Poster for "Steamboy," which is written stylistically on top. A man in an all brown uniform stands with chest straps, goggles and a skull cap in the middle of a steaming room with huge black machine pipes behind him.
Back cover of poster packaging, displaying 20 differently designed posters.

Otomo Katsuhiro: Genga 20 Reprints of Classic Posters

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20 posters total: 18 posters measure approximately 20x14.2 inches and 2 posters measure 28.1x40 inches (folded in four, in a specially designed envelope folder.)


An unbelievable collection of artworks by Otomo Katsuhiro in high-quality poster form, each poster is an amazing piece of art. All with such great variety in subject matter, color palette and style. 

A beautiful collection featuring 20 designs by the infamous, award-winning movie poster illustrator Otomo Katsuhiro. Best known for his posters for Akira, this collection also contains reprints from Memories, Short Pace, A Farewell to Weapons, Domu and more. Handpicked by Otomo-Sensei himself, these posters have been difficult for fans to get hold of until now!