Vinyl figure of pink dog humanoid, wearing a green cap, green jacket with a blue backpack, yellow pants and sneakers. It stands in front of its blue display box that reads "Pablo's World by Pablo Ientile" with several cartoon illustrations.
Infographic style sheet displaying all Pablo's World Blind Box variants. Options include: Mouse with a skateboard, bunny with a parrot on its arm, dog wearing backpack, bear dressed in soccer uniform with soccer ball, gorilla in letterman jacket and mouse riding skateboard.

Pablo's World Blind Box

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Each figure measures approximately 3 inches tall. 

Coming from artist Pablo Ientile, these fun and quirky figures each have their own adorable design, with a couple color ways for each! They are sure to liven up your shelves or desk.

Collect all 12 different figures in the series, plus 3 hidden ones!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.