"Modern Times" book cover, written in bold text on a bright yellow background, accompanied by a doodle of a man in a submarines, with Japanese text all around.
2 page book spread, displaying full bleed photograph of an adult and child sitting inside of a single track amusement park ride with a dinosaur theme.
2 page spread, displaying two photos of someone lying on the floor outside while people look nearby.
2 page spread of two full bleed photos. One of a worn advertisement with Japanese text on a building, the other of a business man kneeling down to feed doves.

Patrick Tsai - Modern Times

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Hardcover, 160 pages, 9 x 6 inches.

The cinematic wonderland of China!

Patric Tsai, receiver of the Shasin Shinseiki award
shoots images of China over 2 years prior to the Olympics. Capturing people’s everyday lives, in the middle of the chaos of past and future, was like a wonderland filled with puzzles. An overwhelming piece of work, capturing the current china like a Sci-fi movie