Tin can with daisy patterned product wrapping around it. "Shasta Daisies Leucanthemum x superbum" is written on the label.
Back of tin can with daisy patterned product wrapping. "Flower Power! Bountiful & beautiful! Happiness on a stem" is written along the back.
Display of a tin can with a label on top that reads "Shasta Daisies," a set of paper instructions, and a large amount of flower seeds.
A close up of many white daisies with green leaves.

Shasta Daisy - Flower Seed Grow Kit

Regular price $ 11.00

Each kit includes instructions and approximately 1,600 shasta daisy seeds — enough to plant roughly 500-square feet.

Shasta daisies bring a beautiful, bright pop to any garden. Choose where you plant carefully, because, if the Shasta Daisies are happy where you are, they may re-seed themselves year after year and could be with you for more than the original plant’s 3 – 5 year lifespan. This kit from The Jonsteen Company gives you everything you need to harness your own bit of floral magic!