Simplified light yellow character with a solemn expression, lounging on its back with legs crossed and arms behind its head, looking up at a smaller Smiski crawling on its head.
Display flat of 12 individual Smiski: Series 4 blind boxes.
6 variations of Smiski: Series 4. Options include: Smiski sneaking, Smiski scared, Smiski relaxing, Smiski lazy, Smiski Stuck, and Smiski defeated.

Smiski - Blind Box (Series 4: Glow-in-the-Dark)

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Measures about 3 inches tall. 

Smiski are curious little creatures that love hiding in small spaces and corners of your room.

Although they like to stay hidden, you might discover one at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark.

It is interesting to see the many types of Smiski all with different personalities and character.

However, just why they exist in the first place, nobody quite knows....

6 kinds in total + 1 Secret Smiski to look out for!

Smiski come packaged randomly in blind boxes. You won't know which one you will get until you open the box!