2 folded issues of a full color newspaper, Smoke Signal, featuring the art of Keiichi Tanaami. Cover features psychedelic art with many colors, and visuals of eyes, skeletons, animals and planes.
Full page spread of a newspaper with full color printing and no text. The image is a very busy, colorful psychedelic style illustration with dozens of characters interacting with machines, shapes and other random thematics.
Close up photo of a page from Smoke Signal, a full bleed illustration with many colors and busy subject matter of aliens, people, skeletons and other psychedelic thematics and colorings.
Page excerpt from Smoke Signal, with a full color illustration of psychedelic imagery including an altered image of Betty Boop and other humanoid/alien creatures with bright visual effects.

Smoke Signal #41 by Keiichi Tanaami

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Tabloid newspaper, full color, measures 11 x 17 inches.

A unique, accessible way to enjoy Keiichi Tanaami's eye popping work. Desert Island Comics presents this Summer 2023 issue of Smoke Signal, working with 86-year-old master of Japanese psychedelic and pop art, Keiichi Tanaami. Forty pages of new work!

Listing is for a single issue. Due to the nature of newspaper printing, minor ink smudges and slight offsets are common.