2 folded newspaper copies of "Smoke Signal - Oct 2022" issue. The front page shows a giant monster made up of twisted branches. It drags a bushel of cabbages with human heads.
Full two page newspaper spread. Left page shows detailed sketch of a James Jean work. Right page shows a blue and purple line art piece of multiple heads fading into flowers.
Full two page newspaper spread. Full color illustration of a James Jean work, a colorful bird lifting a woman out of a vast and flowing ocean.
Newspaper page, greyscale sketch of James Jean's "Woodcutter."

Smoke Signal #39 by James Jean

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Tabloid newspaper, full color, measures 11 x 17 inches.

A unique, accessible way to enjoy James Jean's astonishing work. This newspaper contains a large variety of Jean's work, from work in progress sketches of his paintings and prints to full color sketches on their own.

Listing is for a single issue. Due to the nature of newspaper printing, minor ink smudges are common.