Box of postcards with a full bleed cover image of Spirited Away scene with a small girl (Chihiro) standing on a large wooden bridge looking at a multi-level intricate bathhouse. "Spirited Away" is written in logo font at the bottom along with "30 Postcards".
Multiple postcards laid out, showing variety in designs. Screenshots are all different scenes from movie Spirited Away, such as ducks in a hot bath, Chihiro standing in the bathhouse, Chihiro sitting on a train with No Face, etc.

Spirited Away - 30 Postcard Set

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Postcards measure 4 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches.

Ideal for all Spirited Away fans and Studio Ghibli fans alike, this collection of postcards includes 30 different hand-drawn final frames from the film, perfect to send to loved ones or keep!