"The Hand of Black" cover, illustration of a large cream colored hand with red blood dripping off of it, with a simplistic white line street setting in the background.
Open two page book spread. Left page is all red with a bloody knife on the ground. Right page is comic panels of a woman accidentally cutting her hand at the farmer's market.
Open two page comic book spread, multiple panels of a farmer's day to day.

The Hand of Black & Other Stories by Martin Cendreda

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Softcover, 132 pages, full color, measures 7.3 x 9.3 inches.

This collection of seven short graphic stories by Martin Cendreda (Bojack Horseman, South Park) leads the reader on visual journeys. Printed in red, white, and black, The Hand of Black and Other Stories collects seven mostly-silent, short stories (most of which have never been published) that are each a chiseled, mini-masterpiece of dark humor and horror, and will resonate with fans of the Twilight Zone or the works of Daniel Clowes.