Small, soft PVC material bag charm of a skeleton, akin to the Grim Reaper with a simplistic face and cloaked body. Across its stomach reads "adios." It stands next to its product packaging.
6 design variations for small, soft PVC material bag charms. Options are: SANDy, Kaiju Tokimon, Stellina, Mozzarella, Ciao Ciao or Adios.
Small, soft PVC material bag charm of tokidoki's character SANDy, a small girl dressed in a green cactus costume. Keycharm is attached to a black backpack.
Small, soft PVC material bag charm of a white unicorn with a rainbow color mane. Charm is attached to a cell phone.
2 small, soft PVC material bag charms, attached to the same keyring on a black backpack. Charms are of tokidoki's characters: Ciao Ciao and Adios, 2 cute simplistic skeleton characters with their names written across their chests.

tokidoki - Characters Bag Clips Blind Box (Series 1)

Regular price $ 8.00

Measures approximately 2.75 inches.

tokidoki brings us a great way to spice up our bags, bottles, or phones with these super durable PVC bag clips! With a clip large enough to decorate most items, see which cute character you can snag.

- List price is for one character clip-on collectible only
- Each blind bag contains one character
- Characters in this series include: Stellina, SANDy, Adios, Ciao Ciao, Mozzarella and Kaiju!
- Each character clip-on is approximately 2" in size
- Material: Flexible PVC (waterproof, durable, comfortable to hold, lightweight and portable!)
- Clips can be used as decorative charms for bags or backpacks, keychains, fashion accessories and more! There are many fun ways to carry your favorite tokidoki characters wherever you go!

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.