Vinyl figure of a cartoon style juice cartoon, with a smiling animal face. It holds a garden shovel in one hand and a pink watering can in the other. It stands next to its product packaging.
Lineup of 7 differently designed vinyl figures, all of cartoon health foods. Options include Oatis, Chickie, Green Bunny, Chippy & Chips, Greenie, Acai Kawaii and Toasty.
Vinyl figure of a slice of avocado toast, standing on 2 feet with sunny side eggs for eyes and a small smile. It poses like its spinning a basketball, but with an avocado pit.
Vinyl figure of a can of chickpeas, styled like a yellow chick riding a skateboard. Its lid is partially open, revealing many chickpeas that have faces of little chicks.
Vinyl figure of a brown kraft grocery bag, with a cartoon animal face and various fruits and veggies popping out of the top. It holds up two dumbbells, one made of radishes and the other made of tomatoes.

tokidoki - Healthy Besties Blind Box

Regular price $ 14.00

Measures approximately 2.75 inches.

The Healthy Besties love to show how eating healthy food can be fun and good for you!  Each Healthy Besties Blind Box contains a character from the world of yummy and nutritious healthy foods!  Celebrate the gift of nature's bounty with the Healthy Besties Blind Box!

- List price is for one character only
- Each blind box contains one character sealed in a silver foil bag.
- Each figure stands at approximately 2.75 inches high (70mm)
- Paper insert listing all of the characters in this collection is included
- Characters in this series include: Acai Kawaii, Chippy & Chips, Toasty (chaser!), Oatis, Chickie, Greenie and Green Bunny!
- Recommended for Ages 8+
- WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years
- This is not a toy. This is collectible art

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.